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Stevens Fishing


How many people are you allowed to carry aboard your vessel for a trip?

We are licensed to carry a maximum of six passengers per US Coast Guard regulations.

We have a small group, is it possible for us to pair up with another small group in order to off-set the costs?

Absolutely, so long as you give us a timeframe of when you would like to go we will try and match you with another small party. No guarantee’s, but we’ll try our best.

What should we pack with us?

Food and beverage.

You should plan on packing enough food and beverages to last the duration of the trip for your entire party. There is no food or drink available for purchase aboard our vessel. 

*Please feel free to bring your own beer and wine aboard, but leave any hard alcohol at home. The captain has the right to end any trip early due to inebriation. 

Sunscreen, headwear, and eyewear.

Especially during the hotter summer months.

What should we wear for clothing?

When your fishing on the open ocean there’s a good chance you get a little wet and a little dirty. The best thing you can do is pay attention to the weather forecast the night before your trip and base your decision around it. There are a few good rules of thumb that should be adhered to. You should stay away from wearing anything that’s of value to you, or anything that you would like to keep in good condition. No matter the time of year you should always pack and extra sweater or light jacket as conditions can change quickly. In the early spring and late fall you should dress for colder weather – full coverage from head to toe is a necessity (you can always take layers off); attire that will keep you both dry and warm is strongly recommended. In the summer months it can be chilly in the mornings so having a sweater or light jacket available is a good measure, but, otherwise, light apparel is fine. For off-shore trips and poor weather days rain gear and boots are encouraged.

If you have any question whatsoever how you should dress, we’re happy to give you a synopsis of the forecast and make recommendations.

Do you provide fishing rods, tackle, and bait?

Yes! We provide everything you need for an exciting day of fishing on the ocean.

Can I bring my own fishing rod and tackle?

Absolutely, if you have a special rod or fishing gear that you prefer feel free to bring it along.

How many fish can we keep?

The amount of fish you can keep varies year to year by species. Yearly catch limits by size and species are set by National Marine Fisheries Service before May 1st. Please call us or check our blog for the most up-to-date regulatory information. 

Will someone fillet our catch for easy transportation and consumption? Do we need a cooler?

Either the Captain himself or the mate will fillet all of the fish you are allowed to keep before the end of the trip. We strongly recommend leaving a cooler that you intend to store any fillets in with your vehicle (a separate cooler your party’s food and beverage for the day is completely fine to bring aboard!). When a mate is present for off-shore trips a tip is required, 15% is customary.